Tips for Booking

I must take this train, what can I do to get a ticket?

There is a lot to consider when buying a ticket for a particular train. You can visit any one of links below for a discussion on how you can go about buying a ticket. You can also download an all-in-one guide to buying ticket by clicking this link:  PNR STATUS guide

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There are times when you can fail to get a regular boarding ticket. This usually happens when many people book tickets before you. If you really have to take the train, there are a few tricks that might help you get on board. Below are some of the tricks to use as last minute options:

-Foreign Tourist Quotas- A portion of the train is usually reserved for foreign tourists. This is referred to as the Foreign Tourist Quota. You can buy a ticket within this quota to board the train. These tickets can only be bought at the train station. They cannot be bought online. A few tourist agencies can book the ticket for you but at a fee.

-Ladies Quota. This is a special berth for ladies. There are six berths in the quota.

-Tatkal Quota. This quota was introduced by the IRCTC to take care of last minute rush for tickets. These tickets are available only five days before train departure. Online sale starts at 12.00 am (IST). This gives the passengers that are booking at the station equal chance of getting the tickets as those booking online. All Tatkal tickets cover the whole journey of the train. You cannot buy a ticket for a portion of the journey. This makes the tickets expensive to those travelling short distances.